After a series of coincidences I came to find out who those tables of social satire “young” from which I was constantly impressed, digress online: one of these I had also posted on the blog, as the bearer of absolute universal truths, quali l’annoso discorso dell’infilare un piumone nella sua fodera.

Moral of the story, Christmas come to my hands two publications of this young cartoonist who calls Zerocalcare: The Prophecy of the armadillo color 8 bit and An octopus throat.

I'm just saying that I had to stop reading because I was beginning to laugh at the subway alone, in a hysterical and not trattenibile and everyone looked at me really, but really bad. A commendation to Bao Publishing for publishing such a nucleus of genius and also for the hilarious preface to the prophecy of the armadillo, the way from New Zealand (read it, really).

I believe that Zerocalcare was able to synthesize perfectly psychology, how to deal with everyday life and in some way the inherent schizophrenia of at least two generations, or at least of those who today are between 26 and the 35 age, certainly. Childhood memories, adolescence, a way to deal with even the most distressing events in a more or less detached or at least parallel to the passage of time, design agile and fun, the right colors, the right words, even quotes from multiple impersonate perfect figures related to the world of Japanese cartoons, comics and movies that are involved in moderating the ideas of Limestone, are those of all of us, are the result of thoughts and ideas, in short, the ideas of all “we” (never felt before such a sense of belonging).

Perhaps a middle-aged can not understand and / or fail to fully appreciate certain nuances of the comic boards Limestone, but who cried for reviewing the trillionth time Lady Oscar, who bases his daily courage of Kenshiro, who has seen a million times Star Wars, those who appreciate so sick the initials of Game of Thrones, in short, the large group of Nerd worldwide, can not remain indifferent to a (rather, a due) readings of this type.

Chapeau calcare, Hat…for the wise Hans.

Read everything you throw it in black and white, or color on white, forever (bow).

“It's called prophecy of the armadillo any optimistic forecast based on irrational and subjective elements masquerading as logical and objective, intended to supply disappointment, frustrations and regrets, forever and ever. Amen.”