Fly, Fly, Fly….


Last night I was at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi , any place in Milan today,worthy of the name, perfectly conscious. The show that I went to see is called: Fly, Fly, Fly. Folk songs and songs, Italian folk orchestra, diretta da Ambrogio Sparagna e con la partecipazione di Francesco De Gregori.
A real show: absolutely impeccable musicians, that define multi-instrumentalists is an understatement, since also singers, actors and presenters themselves. A director accordions and enthusiastic driver, almost possessed by his music, who knew how to awaken and engage audiences shy and sleepy Monday night. An experience that would have been better to make up, rather than Arcimboldi: to live, to dance, to participate much more.
Needless to say, the poetry of the lyrics of De Gregori, that now, As my brother says, could also read the phone book and tear applause continuously, ma anche quella delle trame dirette e semplici delle canzoni che l’insieme presentava al pubblico. In general, call the show honest, fun and very poetic.
See stand out from the figure of de Gregori, well contained and almost motionless, su quest’altro omino in costante movimento, I made a great impression.
Stupefacenti poi le voci di Raffaello Simeoni e Valentina Ferraiuolo.
From my point of view MYTH SettembreMusica, the music festival from 2007 if you work Milano and Torino, city ​​working together to this event because music can be harmony and universal language and offer for all, once again outdid itself, offering shows one is the best, prices ragionevolissimi.
The evening reminded me a lot, certainly for sound popular and drew a lot of music production in Southern Italy, the fantastic Night of the Taranta, directed by Ludovico Einaudi, course at the piano, proposal to Crane in 2011, during which there was to be consumed feet hopping, sulle note di mostruoso ensamble di più di venti incredibili musicisti e ballerini.
The only drawback of the event: the public initially more a cast I've ever seen and that tended to applaud a bit 'too De Gregori, in advance of his own performances, as well as the mix of voices absolutely wrong, for about half spectacle: dettagliuccio which unfortunately made it impossible to understand the lyrics until some kind soul has noticed.
Grande De Gregori, that comes into play with some new music search.