Hold off before the night: submission


Last night I happened by chance to the library “…my book” di Via Sannio, Milano, intimate and gracious place that hosts events and presentations I have to say rather extensive, of debut novels and non-.

Full room and a young writer, Claudio Volpe, absolutely open towards his readers: certainly more talkative and generous heard of many well-known names.

I know I will read and report about Hold off before the night, second novel Volpe, which deals with a very thorny, such as anorexia, but from what I could hear, also much more. Reflections of the author developed together while I struck a deep and probably implicit reflection on the aberrations of mystification, reflection on the social utility of literary art, an original thought on the resilience and the malleability of the human psyche and the idea, very close to me, find their own form of chaos, as well as the therapeutic function of anger.

Eventually, the miracle of a dedication that unexpectedly focuses a lot with me.

Probably in this novel will find things that I have already developed and concluded, but we need writers such forward-looking, full of enthusiasm and full of life: the thought of individuals young and deep empathy as Fox is absolutely necessary.