Il Delfino never disappoints


This year I'm buying up of the Teatro Delfino, the existence of which I was unaware until last year and this is bad, very bad, because I'm seeing things you people…No joke, but I must admit I was first struck by The Discreet Charm of hypocrisy (Kvetch), sintesi assoluta di violenza famigliare e divertente quanto aggressiva (at both verbal, that image) representation and reversal of certain relational schemas and then absolutely entranced by the beauty of Christmas stories, elegant musical with lyrics by Dino Buzzati, masterfully directed and acted by Elda Olivieri (woman with a charming voice) and set to music in the key of course jazz by Roberto Paglieri (a drummer as they should), Alberto Gurrisi and especially the mythological person of Franco Cerri, nell'adattissima church of Cascina Monluè. On accounts, since they are not able to write as it should be, I want to at least say it was a truly heart-warming: for its authenticity, perfect workmanship and hot, the meaning and values ​​that a director very balanced, sweet and feminine has been able to return and want to remind you of stories told by Cerri, that with great humility and a sense of beauty and art has told of his past, by the great musician, thanking the audience even asked for autographs, mark of esteem for him. Cerri is a person of those that go to disappear (unfortunately): a true professional, that almost ninety knows still be amazed by what he sees and the opportunities that had, who knows how to participate, amare, improvise and restore a sense of music and poetry, communicating the true values, felt that in the mouth of someone who does not seem rhetorical, species are almost.

That said, back to what I've seen recently, namely Mr. G. before and after, amusing spectacle of Gaber, carried out through two hours of his most famous songs and speeches spoken theater, or more, of Luporini and Simonetta. I loved acting and also sung, very similar to that of Gaber, Frederick Zanandrea, just as I had hit Kvetch, with Gabriel Calindri. The show was extremely funny, reminded me at times such a thing given the last year in theater, Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu and I have made a good impression also musicians: first of all Martina Zambelli, enchanting voice jazz, accompanied by a special beauty.

The Dolphin Theatre is a rather old, certainly not beautiful and with some troubles, as uncomfortable chairs and oratory, bad isolation from outside noise and heating Bassino, but is welcoming, la gente che lo gestisce è simpatica e alla mano e soprattutto, know how to choose well his shows and actors who tread the stage.

Only note: the public yesterday, a po’ plaster (come on, stand for a while’ mani: is music!!) the posters and graphics, especially the latter. Here, apart from that, direi che spero che vadano avanti così e consiglio a tutti di dare un’occhiata alla sua programmazione.

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