The Contagion. The fear that traps


Tertullian space is a multi-purpose center for the theater that can be exploited for a variety of events, at a price I would say democratic, which is located in the area MM3-Lodi, Milano. From Wednesday to Saturday, associating it is possible to see the shows it offers for the current season and Saturday nights there are capitata, almost by accident, for the plight of Omar Nedjari, young director went from acting to playwriting, that certainly deserves attention.

Taken from one of the opening chapters of Bram Stoker's Dracula, the show depicts a journey: a ship run by a handful of sailors (e un'intrusa) must carry some boxes that contain earth from Varna to London, during some months of 1890. A clandestine silent hovers like a shadow on the bridge and manifests talking to the minds of surfers. The men disappear one by one, terror spreads like a disease and characters, gradually possessed by a presence that travels with them, see crack their certainties, slipping into madness, in the assassination and death.

The operation was in itself dangerous: lead to horrific theater dramas and especially from well-known texts, such as the one in question, has the downside of the risk of slipping into the ridiculous or the cloying, except to get to elicit laughter rather than horror, compromised by the proximity of the theater stage typical. Instead, following a plant and an iconography that I found absolutely film, the drama involving the audience that filled the room. Made with synthetic scenes and gaunt, but the play of light tactical and clever use of what was done to see (and not), the drama is very well written, is precise and the public enters immediately empathize with the characters, going along with the thoughts. The suspense was not betrayed, bold scenes of full nudity and eroticism are blended perfectly with the brain implant of the dialogue and the acting of the actors in Formelinguaggi was convincing. Particularly successful interpretations of Alexander Lussiana, Desiree Giorgetti and Enrico Ballardini, while the character played by Columbus was perhaps a little 'exaggerated or developed in a more stereotypical, but still function in a context of fantasy.

Interesting final, carrying the story from fantasy to reality, putting into the mouth of an admiral has been destroyed and the captain of the terms of a reflection on the fear that goes beyond time, taking the audience in front of the mirror of our own phobias and networks that cloud the view, making us apathetic as the living dead, and unable to escape to the dynamics that we are stronger than ourselves (reflection, however, suited to contemporary).

Beautiful image, also by film, the arms that come out from the speakers of land. Upcoming Shows at Tertullian space: the Rails of memory and No one.