Courage in Short 2012


The 19 dicembre ho avuto il piacere di essere invitata alla serata di chiusura del concorso per racconti “Courage in Short” Chamber of Commerce of Milan. The evening was set in the Agora Theatre, beautiful space located on the second floor of the Milan Triennale.

The competition was attended by about 300 aspiring writers and / or directors, brought to summarize 1500 jokes, including spaces, some original story that were in the city of Milan and at the same time speak entrepreneurial courage, in order to translate it into short film.

Among all participants, fifty stories have been chosen to give life to a very interesting collection, full of ideas, of ideas and finely illustrated by Stefano Errighi, che si è lasciato ispirare dall’idea della chimera e della commistione tra forme e idee.

In the midst of these stories, You can also read my, entitled “Milano 33”, exactly on page 55 Book. It’ was a pleasure and an honor, perché i brani letti durante la serata (although a little’ badly, with all due respect to Piergiorgio Bellocchio), have proved to be very interesting and amusing, bringing to light a multitude of ideas and talents that Milan undoubtedly knows incorporate, but also hide.

Very funny interventions Giuliano Montaldo, well-known Italian film director and screenwriter, obviously inspired by the stories read, well-seasoned with an amused look and wise. A man always very polished, there is no doubt, of those people who know two words reopen your eyes to dreams, returning you to the right path.

The winning story: “A thin line”, Andreina Special, scritto in maniera assolutamente coerente con la forma delle sceneggiature (In fact, I am not convinced that the writer has declared that he knew nothing about cinema), earned in effect the premium received, and was turned into a short film by People Movie delicate and successful, almost entirely shot with the use of Digital SLR and mostly in subjective.

But here's the book: good read!


The video of the presentation evening and award ceremony, well as the publication, at this link:

Presentation evening “Courage in Short”