Competition and Coop Space Form “Water” 2012


A few months ago a photograph was chosen by the jury of the most interesting of the photo competition “Coop Lombardia, Water” (and the president was John Gardin, let us realize!).

As always the staff of Contrast, at the site of Spazio Forma in Milan, proved to be super efficient and unique taste: So the show could only be interesting.

The winning photograph, taken from a social Coop, is magnificent: a family immersed underwater, illuminated in an expanded form by a sharp cut of warm light, in contrast with the blue of the sea. Great job Martha Maracchini.

The photographs of the winners in the various categories, members and non-, can be found at this link:

While my photography, counted as mentioned among the most interesting, and exposed to Bergamo, as well as in Milan, always Spazio Forma, is as follows:

Foto di Leda MarianiSelezionata Concorso Coop
Photos of Leda Mariani
Selected Contest Coop