Who am I?

Do you feel that work, I forgot, what do you do?
Well, I am interested in many things: cinema, theater, photography, music, read…
He substantiates?
I do not know what you mean.
As you do not know, that is, what do you do?
Nothing definite.
As fields ...?
Well ... I told you: lap, I see people, I move, I know, I make things.

mascherozzaReally hard to explain who they are, but I think it's complex for anyone. Sono prima di tutto un’appassionata d’arte, music and entertainment: illustratrice, graphics, photographer, videomaker freelance e streetpainter, with a propensity for writing and expertise that is difficult to summarize in a few lines. I have painted and drawn since I can remember. As a child I dreamed of being a writer, Then photographer, I also thought of doing the veterinarian, ed il marinaio, ma oggi il mio ideale sarebbe quello di poter raccontare storie: tutto qui.

Ho vissuto un gran numero posti di lavoro, but the question is generational.
I can not be hold in a place for more than a certain period of time.
My motto: stay focused on what you love and you want to do with their lives.

I write reviews of shows for years, concerts, novels, cartoons, movies and more. If you want to know what I think of what I see and hear, So good navigation and good reading.



Tutto quello che fa bene all'anima