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One reason a day to go into stationery


One reason a day to go into stationery

GEC (managing stationery) speaks of the Cartofumetteria Leda.

The Cartofumetteria Leda The Cartofumetteria Leda The Cartofumetteria Leda

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"G clipboard": being a woman yesterday, today and tomorrow



Fino al 19 November sarà possibile assistere, to the Teatro Verdi Via Pastrengo 16, the show "G clipboard", included in the review "Finally a mid-season". The play comica, exhilarating, moving and poetic, It was written and directed collectively by Alessandra Faiella, Rita Pelusio, Lucia Vasini and Livia Grossi, with the collaboration of Francesca Sangalli. Three actresses and a reporter to question what they know contemporary women and men of sexuality, in the wake of Pasolini references.

We interviewed Alessandra Faiella and Livia Grossi, respectively known actress and journalist, to probe their vision of contemporary femininity and "Milan like".

AppuntiGC Laila Pozzo-2

LM: Do you think the woman, in Italy, Milano, oggi, 2017, We can still feel the “weaker sex”?

OF: For many verses definitely no. So many women are strong and fairs, but not all: the many cases of physical and psychological violence unfortunately show that the disparity between the sexes is still strong.

LG: weaker sex is a very old definition, prove it every day women with facts. Rather we see a tragic weakness in all men who use violence to declare their need to control and possess the woman and her life.


LM: Over the last thirty years of women in society we have advanced considerably, but we really got to equality, a level of importance and social position?

OF: It depends of social origin, cultural, from the places where you live and also by the woman herself. Not all have introjected the idea that there are minimum rights. The few women at the top of the economy and politics show that there is still a long way to go, especially in Italy.

LG: There is still a lot to be done. On the economic front just compare salaries with fellow men and the roles to which we are sender. I read recently that about gender disparities, Italy has slipped to 50th place, his 144 countries analyzed, and the question of compensation, a role equal we even 127esimi.


LM: The very young today, what you are called “Millennials”, It seems the most emancipated in absolute… you also have this impression, oppure no, and on the contrary observe the appearance society in which we are completely dropped, adversely affect individual freedom, on the management of their own bodies and feelings, and attitudes?

OF: There is a very fine line between autonomy and informed use of their sexuality and the risk of being "used" or misusing, ie against themselves, their bodies. I wish the girls were conscious of the fact that sexuality is a joyful part, but gentle of his being: the body goes enjoyed, but still protected.

LG: I am happy to see so many young girls who go around in the street alone, Also in the evening and in the South, where I was recently for a service. Unfortunately, I can not help but notice their very pressing need to appear and be accepted by man. In this connection I remember a fact that also declare the show: many are the young people who are resorting to plastic surgery (lifting vaginale) in America (+ 44%) and five times in England. At the face of feminism and acceptance of self.


LM: Sexuality is still a “problem”?

OF: Certainly an area so emotionally sensitive human beings may not always be lived without problems. But these can be overcome, alone and in pairs, perhaps with assistance, if you need.

LG: If sexuality is not accompanied by a real liberation of the individual and of his roles, is a problem. In the show my piece “anagrafe” talking about this: you can not be free to “feel” e di “be happy”, if you are not free to be themselves beyond the role as mother, sister, daughter, wife, lover, professional, etc., which requires us now.


LM: In a community like ours, that is becoming more fluid and globalized, it makes sense to talk about the woman's achievements, when the world we live in a fierce and increasingly unacceptable disparities?

OF: The world's disparities are huge. Freedom and progress are not universal values, if there is still a section of prostitutes, or phenomena such as sexual mutilation. Precisely for this reason we can not lower our guard and think that the achievements are now final. They are not from us, let alone in the wider world!

LG: It makes absolutely no sense to talk about the achievements of women and you have to spread more news because the global society does not just circulate information more “Business”. The piece taken from my reportage in Senegal, about a woman who refused to let her two daughters infibulate (a decision that has to risk stoning), I think it's a news needed, because it gives courage. Thanks to women as well, changing laws and the virtuous effect "contagion domino" increases!

AppuntiGC Laila Pozzo-1

LM: How would you describe the Milan yesterday, today and tomorrow?!

OF: From Milan Doc I am proud to live in a city where women have always been very active, at both social, that political. I do not say that Milan is the city of women, but certainly are not limited spaces as elsewhere in Italy.

LG: The Milan does not exist, if not into the stereotypes of those who want spocchiose and arrogant. Yes sure, there are too, e le radical chic, and aggressive enriched… ok, but in this city, the same one where I was born and where I live, the majority are women of all cultures and backgrounds, who work and struggle every day. Milan is wonderful for this. I remember a saying of my grandmother: <<Milan became big thanks to the people who come from afar>>. They were once the southern, now it is the people who come from the Global South. This is the Milan of today and tomorrow!

Replies every night at 20:30. Admission € 20/14/10

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