Assault on children, the Theatre of Filodrammatici


This afternoon I watched a show important. As usual in the theater were a dozen, but I do not want to be pessimistic: few but good, for a Sunday afternoon very gloomy.

Assault on children è un dramma che mette in scena verità talmente evidenti e così permeate nel nostro tessuto sociale, that despite some inaccuracies, the text can not but be moved, Disturb and still hit: so, simply, for what is. For about two hours parental figures we can safely cross in the Milan daily tell themselves through dialogue (or the lack of it) with their children, in a world that is out in all its violence: contaminated by wrong and interests dall'univoca vocation to gain, al profitto e al successo. Gli individui annaspano in maniera più o meno conscia, clothed with all their weaknesses and insecurities, in a universe that seems to take matematicizzato importance gradually being, to focus solely on appearances.

This is a show that all parents should see that gathers chest directly those who have children in preteen. The text is very complex, but the staging guarantees at least three types of reading, on a separate level, underlined by scenographic choices. It strato unvarnished history allows us to reconstruct the story of a manager for a great career in marketing agency, control freak and enmeshed in a relationship with the daughter lesionistico, one of those fathers fashionable and "eternal youth" that come in almost equal relationship with their children, usandoli spesso in maniera rivendicatoria rispetto a ciò che sono o non sono stati loro e di una giornalista ansiosa, affected through family a case of abuse of medical treatment of minors, for the benefit of large pharmaceutical companies, redeemed and vicious, blaming those responsible, but that in the end even realizes their mistakes and shortcomings of its. At the same time, through the words that slide on a thin layer that standing in the foreground somehow separates the audience from the actors, visualize and feel with extreme clarity and simplicity thoughts, doubts, and concerns of children, written on the canvas, and emphasized by animations, very short and for this reason particularly impressive. In a further stratification can finally find to linger on the dialogues between the characters, sometimes too literary, depth to detail at the expense of their realism, but for that operating at a more philosophical level and in-depth.

Therefore a strong show, that can be treated in one fell swoop topics such as parenting, being teenagers in this society, the dynamics and mechanics of profit in which are sunk into the global industries and how they affect our lives, and the "new" diseases, from dependence on high-tech equipment, to drug abuse and anti-anxiety drugs to curb depression, stress, Syndromes of hyperactivity and lack of attention and cognitive deficits that become (ADHD).

Corrado Accordino, Silvia and Silvia Ferretti Giulia Mendola, acting in an exemplary manner, incite viewers to reflect on dreams, ideal, but also on the way we communicate and be parents (always difficult job), in the hard work of compromise that is entering into the life of another person, at the same time by opening the doors of our.

It comes Assault shaken by children, because as it should be in theater, beyond the creation of effect which is constitutive of this art form, the show communicates undoubted truth, that closely concern anyone who accepts and somehow suffer, la forma e le strutture della società odierna, pervasive fin dentro alle pareti delle nostre case. Il messaggio che ne scaturisce, alla fine, è comunque quello della ricerca di equilibrio, al di là delle accuse precise che lancia e che molto probabilmente avranno infastidito qualcuno.